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The Vosilla family anxiously anticipated this day and everyone was dressed in his and her Sunday best. Excitement grew as the family packed the car with panini of cheese and prosciutto, broiled chicken, fresh fruit, homemade crostoli, and drinks. Nonna Katina packed so much food, as she always did, as if we were taking a road trip to another part of the country. Food has always been important to our family, nourishment for the body and for the soul.

Nonno was always rushing her, "Hurry up Katina. Why you packing so much food? They have food there!" She answered, "Ah yah… but who knows what kind of food they have! And everybody going to be hungry, even you!" Of course she was right. The family departed on our journey to the far away land of Flushing. As we left our driveway and headed down our Brooklyn street, she asked who was hungry and before we could answer out came the mozzarella, Reggiano and freshly made bread still warm from the oven.

Stuck in traffic was entertainment in itself, as our Noni argued who made the best chicken. Of course, as an Executive Chef, Nonno claimed he prepared the best chicken because he always had to correct Nonna's oven temperature. Nonna said, "I know YOU go to change it, so… I change it back.” Then Nonno would say, "AHAH! I know YOU change my cooking temperature Katina, so... when you not looking I change it again.” She would always wink, shake her index finger and whisper, "I KNOW he do this, so… I wait and when he go, I change it to MY temperature. AND... when chicken finished I turn oven knob back HIS way, so… he NEVER know I change it! So my chicken is a best!"

The drive was only from from Brooklyn to Queens, but yet it seemed so far away. We wondered if everyone on the road was traveling to Flushing Meadow. As other cars passed, we waved to the other children making new found friends and hoped to find them on the Fair grounds. Once inside, we were overwhelmed with excitement and joy. The grounds were vast, but the World’s Fair Lights guided our way through endless exhibitions of impressive architecture, sculptures, and futuristic displays. There was so much to do and so many people! It was one of the family’s most joyous times together. We thought about our European family, who lived on farms; they would be in awe of something so great as the World’s Fair in New York.

John Vosilla Sr. and John Vosilla Jr. experienced on of their greatest thrills while attending the New York World’s Fair in 1964. They wanted this magical moment to last forever. To make that wish a reality and to preserve their most precious memory, the World's Fair Lights were purchased and refurbished. These fixtures are recognized as the few remaining and operating World's Fair Lights in existence today. The Villa Vosilla's historical World's Fair Lights pay tribute to generations past. During this "50th Anniversary of the New York World's Fair", the lights continue to light the way to World's Fair memories and welcome passersby to the Villa Vosilla. As our historical World's Fair Lights welcome you to our home ~ You know you have arrived.

New York World's Fair 50th Anniversary 2014-2015

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